Watch Vimeo videos in ASCII art with this newest hidden easter egg!

16th March 2018

When YouTube as a video platform is all about original content creation, Vimeo is all about art. And perhaps that's why the video-sharing website just recently added this little hidden easter egg to their video player that allows you to watch any video with a bunch of artsy filters (think Instagram-style overlays). On top of that, with the same easter egg, it's now possible to watch HD video's as ASCII-art.

What is ASCII art?

For those who don't know what ASCII art is: Wikipedia describes it as a "graphic design technique that uses computers for presentation and consists of pictures pieced together from the characters defined by the ASCII chart". A quick search on Google, and you'll find a whole bunch of online tools to convert images to ASCII art. But why not extend this to video?

Vimeo adds a whole bunch of Instagram-like filters to their video player

Thanks to Vimeo and their developers, it's now as easy as pressing the shortcut E or X while watching a video on Vimeo to enable the ASCII filter in the video player. Just watch the screen recording below.

The other effect filters also definitely give a nice touch to certain videos. A quick overview:

Normal (without filter)




Moribund (black and white)



Just try it yourself!

You can use the video below to go ahead and try the effects out yourself. Spread the ASCII-love!